We're building a place for everyone in the community to come together and celebrate Kitchener and all it has to offer.


As a multi-stakeholder co-operative, we’re running things a little differently. Workers and community supporters own the business and have a say in how things unfold at TWB. Our aim is to make our community a more vibrant place to live by celebrating the intersection of creativity and craft beer.


There’s a co-operative brewing.





Our team has been working together for two years to bring this brewery to Kitchener. Each one of us brings a different perspective to this venture and a very unique set of skills formed by our diverse experiences. We have babysat for one another, met each others’ parents, and celebrated each others’ milestones, becoming much more than just colleagues in the process.


We can’t wait for this beer family to grow. For now, our team consists of:



    When she's not working on brewery-related business, Alex tries to make time for books: she's currently a PhD student in WLU’s Geography and Environmental Studies department studying forest conservation. She’s also on the organizing committee for KW’s Craftoberfest, a festival celebrating our region’s craft beer. Before returning to academia, she spent years working for environmental organisations and community initiatives, helping pull together bicycle festivals, conferences, concerts, tree-plantings, and countless other events. She looks forward to bringing her experience in community organising to her work at TWB.



    In addition to being a geography lab instructor at WLU and snappy dresser, Lindsay holds the post of TWB President and Board Chair. In these posts she uses her political acumen and iron fist to navigate our unruly crew through the challenges of opening a co-operative brewery. Her other interests involve rabblerousing for worker’s rights, DIY home décor, yoga, and an occasional Wit the Hell?. As a certified teacher Lindsay wants TWB to be a place where people can learn about the many joys of craft beer and the cornucopia of locally sourced food available in the Waterloo Region.



    Some say it’s all the hoppy beer that he has brewed and consumed, others say it is just the disposition he was born with but either way you stack it Culum is bitter. After being purged from the academy Culum wandered

    the earth like Caine getting into adventures until one day he came upon a magical tablet which, in exchange for $53 a month in internet service fees, promised to teach him the bitter arts. In addition to writing elaborate nonsensical autobiographical statements, broaching uncomfortable topics, and brewing fantastic beer, Culum enjoys Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music and romantic drives through touch free carwashes.



    “Go west young man”, and the shores of Bay of Fundy faded behind him. Greg trekked into Kitchener/Waterloo, and set up camp. It was clear this was west enough. Greg has called KW home for over a decade now. With great admiration towards communities driven by grassroots movements, he sees the great potential this area has to offer and is ecstatic to be part of TWB. Greg’s love for music and libation propelled many family vacations to seek out festivals and clandestine brewery tours. Greg also brings an artistry of mechanics to TWB, with over 20 years experience in plumbing, steam fitting and a creative love for welding, he has found a new home.



    Not unlike most kids born in the eighties, Rob grew up being told how special he was. Due to the high prevalence of "Special Kids" at his grade school, Rob was promptly humbled, and foisted himself into the arts. Over the next 20 years, Rob worked on developing his musical and artistic chops until landing a career as a graphic designer. In addition to creating aesthetically pleasing marketing pieces, playing in bands, and being a husband & father, Rob is an avid home brewer and an all-around do-it-yourselfer. As a Kitchener native, he is excited to help bring more businesses to the core. Rob has blue eyes and is superb at parallel parking.



    Hailing from Chalk Farm in London, England. Ben has had a checkered career, ranging from cutting down trees in the Alaskan wildness, hanging off partially constructed cranes 265 feet off the ground, mushing a team of dogs over snowy Italian mountains, delivering numerous lambs in the depths of a British winter, hauling oranges out of Spain, making lemonade on the side of a trail in Nepal, leading trail rides in Australia, to name just a few. all of which have little to do with brewing beer but his love of a good bitter and his ability to make things move, electrically speaking, make him an important part of the team. Current drink of choice is Greene kings, Abbot ale, but TWBs American Brown is becoming a favourite.



Wobbly Wheel

american india pale ale 6.5% a.b.v. & 55 i.b.u.


You ever hear of hop bursting? Neither had we until after we brewed about 10 test batches of not quite
there IPAs. Then we stumbled upon this technique that allows brewers to accentuate hop flavor and aroma
while moderating astringent bitterness. We use nine different hops from all over the world to give our Wobbly
the complexity befitting a great AIPA.


Wit the Hell?

belgian witbier 5.4% a.b.v.


What kind of brewery would we be without a white beer? Sure we could have brewed a German hefeweizen and made up some elaborate story tying it to the German heritage of the city but what would be the sport in that? Instead we decided to brew this classic Belgian witbier with hints of spice and citrus.


Pullman Porter

robust porter 5.7% a.b.v.


Lore has it that this style of beer gets its name from the porters who drank it to forget their miserable lives
hauling heavy bags around wreaking London streets for a tuppence a week. With its full malty body, hints
of coffee, chocolate, and subtle sweetness, our Pullman Porter has everything you need to help you forget
about your crappy job.


Maggie's Farm

canadian-american pale ale 5.5% a.b.v. & 40 i.b.u.


What more can we say other than this: Maggie’s Farm is a crisp hoppy ale brewed with Canadian Pale Malt and an array of American C and A hops. If you need a hop fix and you're having more than one, drink this.


Jagged Little Pils

german lager 5% a.b.v.


The brewer wanted to call this "I'm Drunk and You're Probably on Pils" but the founding president hectored him into this more Canadiana-inspired title. This beer is a pain in the ass to make but it's just what the doctor ordered. BTW, it's brewed with German Pilsner malt, as well as Hallertauer and Tettnanger hops.


American Brown Ale

american brown ale 5% a.b.v.


We couldn't think of a clever name for this one. Why? Taste it and you'll see. It's got that fruity hop aroma that you'd expect in a North American style beer followed in good time by the nuttiness of a good English brown ale.


Ale X: The Jupiter Rye Experience

extra special bitter 5.5% a.b.v.



We’d say this beer is out of this world but witty puns aren’t our style.  Neither is wry irony.  What we do best is crafting delicious, well-balanced beer and with its rich body, mellow caramel notes and sparkle of juniper this Extra Special Bitter is a stellar addition to our menu.







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